Video courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
  • Compete against yourself and not others - Friendly competition with other

     people never hurt anyone, but your real competition should be yourself.

     Strive everyday to be better than you were the day before!

  • Scale Workouts if you have to - Leave the egos at home! We are more concerned  
     about you developing good technique first and being safe. You may add a level of
     difficulty as you progress!
  • We can't make you eat right but we encourage it - Supplementing your workout

     with a proper diet will optimize your results. Ask one of our coaches or veteran

     members about the proper foods to eat and check out diets like Paleo and Zone.

  • If you don't understand, ask questions - The coaches are here to help you. They

     have been trained and have experience in handling classes and instructing you on

     the movements that will be performed.

  • The workouts do not get easier - What gets easier is your ability to perform the

     movements that a workout may contain. You will find yourself pushing yourself

     even harder as you become more proficient in different areas. You'll hate every bit of

     it but love it so much you'll return the next day!

  • Always remember to have fun - Don't treat CrossFit like something you have to do,

      treat it like something you want to do! Laugh and cheer everyone on till the last

      sound of the clock buzzer!

  • Rest and Recovery are crucial - Listen to your body! Nobody knows you better than

     you. Rest days are important to give your body time to recuperate so that you can

     ensure you're ready to give it your all in each WOD.

  • It's all about community - We'll tell you all day we are not a cult but we kind of

     are. A good one though! We hope it's not something that you just do but a lifestyle

     you adopt! We love getting together with other Boxes and sharing the CrossFit

     experience with everyone we possibly can!

    Courtesy of CrossFit Orange Beach