Sam Shaw is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a workout fanatic. Before falling in love with CrossFit, Sam enjoyed instructing and participating in Les Mills Body Combat, Body Pump, and BootCamp classes. She still enjoys running both competitively and leisurely. Her passion for helping people is evident at the box and in her full time job as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Sam is always striving to inspire people to reach their full potential and believe in themselves.

Certifications: Level 1, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, LPN

Favorite Movement: Muscle Ups

Least Favorite Movement: Overhead Squats

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza

Ruby McDiarmid is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and a life long fitness enthusiast.  She placed 3rd in the 1993 Fitness America Pageant. In addition to CrossFit, she has  been a long term nurse, dance, gymnastics, and swim coach. Ruby initially started CrossFit 3 years ago at her house by tackling WODs with homemade equipment. Her energy and attitude are contagious! She is someone to admire and an example for all that that have the privilege of knowing her.

Certifications: Level 1, LPN

Favorite Movement: Burpee

Least Favorite Movement: Squat Snatch and Muscle Ups

Favorite Cheat Food: Hot Tamales(candy)