Who We Are

SUSTAIN - to strengthen or support physically or mentally

At CrossFit Sustain, we are focused on providing you with a very diverse workout experience focusing on functional movements. You will receive coaching in a variety of gymnastics, weightlifting, and body weight movements. We strive to supply you with an encouraging atmosphere and help you meet your fitness goals by pushing you further 

than you imagined.                                                                       

So what's the meaning behind "the bear" in our logo? Throughout various cultures, the bear has been a symbol of strength, confidence, standing against adversity,  fearlessness,  and leadership. We hope to instill these attributes in our members.

Why Us?

Why do CrossFit? Why is it so expensive? I can't do this stuff! These are just a few of the questions and statements we commonly hear. CrossFit is not only a great workout but a great self esteem booster. You will find yourself doing things you never believed you could. Secondly, it may seem expensive until you consider you're basically paying for a month of personal training that you would spend on average $20/hour at a normal gym. Thirdly, you may never make it to the CrossFit Games, but we can get you to a point where you can perform the movements or a modified version. Either way you are sure to have fun and leave feeling accomplished!